The Consulting - Step by Step


Your Private Travel Consultation starts with you or your representative contacting us by Email, phone or Social Media with a request for a free consultation. Maybe you already know a date or time when it would suit you best, maybe you request an in-person consultation (travel costs would not be included in the free consultation).

Those consulations that are not in-person consultations can happen through any medium you prefer, but we would suggest a video call as being the best and most effective solution.


After you contacted us, we will respond within less than 24 hours with a confirmation of your date and time or a choice of dates, should we not be available at your desired date.

The consultation itself usually starts with a couple of questions from our side to better get to know you. Based on this we give you some inspirations that we think best answers your dreams and desired experiences. Should you have narrowed down already some ideas prior to the consultation, we might start with a presentation, followed by working on a draft for a travel itinerary with you. 

We take as much time for this first consultation as you and your partner, family or friends need, as we want you to open your mind and let it wander.


Based on your input and our notes and/or the draft itineraryy we have worked on with you, we develop a full itinerary quote which will be with you within 48 hours of our consultation (or less if you do this for a journey starting soonish). This draft that we will Email to you is not confirmed in regards to all accommodations or specific transfers, which usually, based on the destination take longer than 48 hours to confirm.


Sometimes you get more ideas from the consultation and the first draft and we amend the draft to your liking, as long as it takes and you feel that this is it! This itinerary quote, confirmed by you in writing then becomes the basis for our subsequent actions. Latest at this point you should book your flights (if required by the itinerary) as no travel planning is worth a dime if you do not get where you want.

We will also send to you a questionnaire in regard to health issues and nutritional preferences or allergies.


Now we start to put all the pieces together and respond with a confirmation of your journey and the request for down payment or full payment, depending on the nature of your journey. At this stage we can still entertain slight changes or additional experiences for your itinerary quote, which may lead to a price change.

Your journey will always be paid directly to a local partner as it is important to support local partners and to ensure taxes are paid in the destination. We will of course assist in any way during the payment process if requested.


We will send you a packing list and /or if this is a physically demanding journey we provide a training plan. In addition if any health certificate is needed this would be the time to provide it. In case you need a local SIM card of your target destination, which is in some cases highly recommended and will be advised by us during the consultation.


Should you have booked a private guide or tour leader for your journey, we will send you a guide profile and all meeting information with your guide/tour leader.

Usually the guide/tour leader meets you at the first destination airport. You will get his contact number, but it is highy unlikely that she or he will miss you. Should you have a flight or luggage delay you can inform us and we will let the guide/tour leader know.


Your journey of a lifetime starts. You will have a 24 hour emergency number for our office or - if more convenient and safe, a trustworthy and highly reliable partner in your travel destination.


We can't wait for your feedback. Everything is a valuable information that helps us improving the experiences we offer. 

You will make us very happy travel consultants should you recommend our services to friends, family or colleagues or on social media.