Where to go?

It is our principle to not reveil any specific destination or hidden gem on our website. These will only be revealed during the free private consultation.

Just to give you an idea: in a South American country with rain forest, there is a national park which has been hailed in National Geographic. And is great, with a variety of climate and vegetation zones and a rich plant and animal life.
In the same region though there is another protected area, which we discovered and which has much less visitors but not less natural wonders. That is where we go with our guests.

And it is like this with every region we cover. There may be a 'famous' national park, let's say also somewhere in South America, which receives many hundreds of thousands of visitors and has a great hotel/lodge infrastructure. In the same geographical zone, although this means here over a thousand km/miles away, we know a national park, which has per year maybe 10(!) visitors and is virtually untouched. Accommodation is basic in age old huts, but we make it nice with great food, delicious coffee and laughter. And we have a whole national park just for us. 

That is what Adventure Travel Worldwide, the Travel Consultants mean, when we promise experiences few people on this planet have seen. Imagine, in most cases much fewer people that have climbed the summit of Mount Everest and in some cases fewer people that have been on the moon.