The 2024 Charity Climb on Kilimanjaro takes place from 13.09.2024 until 23.09.2024. All donations go without any deduction to the Kilimanjaro Porters Assistance Project (KPAP). This NGO works with porters, tour companies and potential guests to ensure fair treatment and payment of mountain staff on Kilimanjaro.

  • Date: 13-09-2024 10:00 - 23-09-2024 10:00
  • Location Moshi, Tansania (Map)


The benefitting charity: KPAP

KPAP (Kilimanjaro Porters Assistance Project) is a charitable organisation, the Tanzania branch of The International Mountain Explorers Connection (IMEC). IMEC is registered in Boulder/Colorado (USA) and was founded in 1996, KPAP in 2003 with an office in Moshi.

IMEC is a US 501(c)3 non-profit organization, FIN: 84-1348903. Donations are tax deductible according to U.S. law for U.S. donors. IMEC’s mission is to support an ethical mountain trekking culture by promoting social, economic and environmental responsibility.  IMEC has been focusing its efforts to help transform the impact of tourism on Mount Kilimanjaro through:

  • Porter Assistance Programs
  • Providing the climbing public with fundamental information concerning proper porter treatment
  • Advocating for climbers to make an informed decision in choosing a socially responsible climbing company
  • Empowering communities to improve responsible mountain trekking and environmental conservation skills

    Equally important is the creation of competencies that as well benefit the communities the porters are living in. This encompasses, but not exclusively, money management, community based first aid, leave-no-trace training and certification. Porters can as well lend proper equipment, such as protective

    clothing, from KPAP. We will get further information when we visit the Moshi KPAP office.Companies that operate Kilimanjaro climbs in Tanzania and their non-Tanzanian distribution partners can be certified by KPAP by agreeing to KPAP standards and being monitored by KPAP staff for example through spontaneous porter interviews at the exit gates of Kilimanjaro national park.KPAP has received travel industry accolades for the hands-on help for porters and their families during the COVID crisis which endangered the food security for their communities.

    Tourism is the largest employer in the world with over 270 Mio people making their living directly or indirectly from it. For porters whose income and tips often feeds three generations in the same household, this was nothing less than a disaster.KPAP is officially supporting and promoting this expedition through their Moshi office and their board of directors.KPAP website 

    How this works:


    For you to join, simply write an Email to and state that you would like to book a space on this charity climb on Kilimanjaro in September 2023. We will reply with a booking form which you fill out, sign and then scan or photograph and send to this Email address.


    Payment for the climb is done directly with the local climbing company in Tanzania. This way our climb directly benefits a local partner and taxes are paid in Tanzania. The climb operator in Tanzania, is not able to provide an IBAN but instead an account number and a SWIFT code.


    In addition, you will get sent a link to a donation website directly from the charity, IMEC/KPAP. Here you can deposit the minimum donation amount required to join this climb: $/€/GBP 300,00. Your donation goes straight to KPAP, without any deduction of admin costs etc. Adventure Travel Worldwide/Karsten Jannicke is not the middleman and has no business connection to the climb operator or the charity. The deadline for the required donations is 15.08.2023. For your donation you will receive a unique piece of equipment for this expedition, which will remind you of this adventure for years to come.


    After your booking you will receive for your climb preparation:

    • Complete equipment list
    • Training manual for your physical preparation for Kilimanjaro
    • Link for a pre-climb Zoom/MS Teams/Google meeting with your tour leader for extensive Q&A
    • A questionnaire for medical pre-conditions, allergies, food preferences etc.
    • Tipping Guidelines (Tipping on Kilimanjaro is voluntary but customary)
    • If you are over 65 we would need a confirmation from your GP that you are fit to climb and there is no pre-existing heart condition